We've been making traditional cider on the South Devon coast since 1805.


Nestled in to a hillside in Aish, Grove Orchard is where the cider is pressed, fermented and packaged in our purpose built cider cellar.

The 400 acre farm runs across Stoke Gabriel to Paignton and is still very much a working farm. Home to more than just orchards, there are sheep and cattle as well as the barley fields.

Our journey began way back in 1771, where the Hunt family first began making cider, but it was in 1805 that it really began to take a commercial route and bottles were found dated 1805 by NP Hunt and Son.

The Hunt’s are steeped in to Paignton’s history books. Three were named in the Paignton Harbour Company application to build a new dock believed to have been pushing for further cider exportation.

For four generations, cider was pressed in The Old Cider Cellar,  which is located at Yalberton, Paignton.  The original press, which is still functional, was run by a tractor and installed by W.G.F Hunt in 1952. This was a modern approach in comparison to the horse driven method used at the time.

More recently, the new cider barn was built to spec in Grove Orchard, Stoke Gabriel. With the help of a Rural Economy Grant, we were able to install new cider production machinery. This resulted in Hunt’s Cider pressing 150,000 litres in 2015. This was triple the amount pressed in 2014!

We press our own apples predominantly but also use selected apples from Devon to meet demand. All juice is pressed on our farm.

We offer a great range of ciders from 500ml bottles to kegs! We also create Hunt’s Apple Juice which has no added sugar, sweeteners or water.

All our ciders are gluten free

and vegan friendly

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